Did you know most manual handling injuries happen in the office environment?

With restrictions easing and everyone is heading back to the office, in line with legislation you should update your manual handling certificate as you are changing from one environment to another.

When you move, carry, lift, push or pull something, you are manual handling. If you carry a book, a box, a tool or material, you are manual handling. Sometimes the item might be so light, you can move it without much effort. Other times, it might be trickier, for example due to its weight or size.

Manual handling is an everyday task in most workplaces, whether you are filing paperwork in an office, stacking shelves in a shop, or bricklaying on site. Goods and materials, tools and equipment, all have to be moved, lifted and carried throughout the day.

Incorrect manual handling is thought to be responsible for more than 1 in 5 of all work-related injuries. Contact us now for a free consultation.